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Print material is also a very crucial and integral part of any business.  Business cards convey the various ways a potential client/customer can contact you are access your products.  Flyers and brochures give you the opportunity to expand on your products and/or services.  Postcards and invitations are a great way to invite existing customers to a special or a sale that will be coming up soon.  Banners and posters identify who you are and where you are.  Labels show a consistency and professional branding of your products and/or services.  The biggest thing to remember when it comes to print materials is it should be a "call to action" (In other words, print material should make the client want to do something that interacts with your business).  Click on some of the examples below to find out how they work as a "call to action"

Print Material
Please feel free to move, drag, expand, or click on the images below....  because its fun!!!!
Magic I Design Business Card
Wedding Invitations
Full Spectrum Business Card (Front)
Full Spectrum Business Card (Back)
Steph's Suds n Stuff Labels
Steph's Suds n Stuff Soap Labels
Woodland Candle Company Labels
Karma Kulture Kale Chips Poster
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